Dunk Champ Jump Program

  • Learn to sky and fly

Ask any basketball player what aspect of their game they want to improve and often you will hear “my vertical leap”. To improve your vertical jump, you must be able to apply a higher force into the ground in a shorter amount of time. Doing that increases your power output (Power = Force x Velocity). Many people think that your overall strength makes you jump higher, but you can only get serious “hops” by building strength and also learning to utilise it quickly. Equally important is efficiency of movement. An athlete has a better chance of tapping into his potential force production quickly when he can move with the greatest possible efficiency, minimising losses in power.

It always seems impossible, till it’s done

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball’s Jump Program is an 8-12 week program that is conducted over weekly training sessions. Participants must be 15 years of age or older to take part in the program. All training sessions are ran by Brett Rainbow at one of our training facilities.

This is the exact program Brett Rainbow used to win 3 NBL All Star Slam Dunk competition’s with his 46inch vertical leap

Our Jump Program nicknamed “DUNK CHAMP JUMP PROGRAM” has been personally designed by dunk champion Brett Rainbow. We guarantee to add valuable inches to your vertical leap over the duration of this program. If you are not in it for the show time, no worries, keep in mind this program also improves your foot speed, agility, power, strength and explosiveness, all vital elements of every basketballer’s game. In as little as 8 weeks your game and leap will be transformed and you will have the ongoing knowledge to keep you sky high above your opponents



(inc. GST)
8 Week Program $1012 2 payments of $556 (Total $1,112) BUY NOW
12 Week Program $1452 2 payments of $776 (Total $1,552) BUY NOW

North Melbourne Recreation Centre

204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne

Templestowe Heights Primary School

276-300 High Street, Temple Lower

Belmont High School

Rotherham Street, Belmont

Epping YMCA Leisure City

 41-53 Millers St, Epping

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